STiR works with teachers and officials through 5-year system learning partnerships. We started in Delhi in the year 2012 and are currently working in three locations– Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, we started our engagement in Vellore district in November 2018 and expanded to Villupuram and Dharmapuri districts in 2019. Across the three districts, our reach is around 50 BRTE Supervisors, 460 BRTEs, 26000 teachers and 5.4 lakh children in primary and middle schools.

We work in cycles across the academic year. Each cycle is called a Learning Improvement Cycle (LIC) which specifically focuses on a particular theme and runs for a period of three months.

1. LIC 0 (Nov'18 to Mar'19) – Enabling Classroom environment through Growth Mindset

2. LIC 1 (Jul'19 to Nov'19) – Establishing Classroom Routines (‘Hook’ & ‘Do Now’)

3. LIC 2 (Dec'19 to Mar'20) – Building long term learning (‘Spaced Practice’ & ‘Stretch It’)

For BRTE Supervisors and BRTEs, the focus is on developing core skills of giving development feedback, facilitation and joint observations.

“I find cluster level network meetings a great place where the best teaching practices and challenges are discussed face to face with peer teachers. I enjoyed the discussions and practices on a particular teaching strategy at the network meeting, which inspired me to visit and observe some of my own school teachers' session delivery and how they have used the teaching strategy. it is a very good initiative taken by the STiR”. 

 Mrs. Ratha Lakshmi – Headteacher Mottalur middle school, Kariyamangalam block, Dharmapuri District.

Our Reach in Tamil Nadu






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